About the Diapiary

Today we are going to talk about the design inspiration for one of our most unique pieces - The Diapiary.


“The original inspiration was to create a multi-use, one of a kind beautiful piece which also promotes awareness of one of the most pressing issues of our time - global warming and environmental destruction.” - ikku’s Head Designer.


We have chosen beautiful south sea pearls which are produced by nature and decorated with diamond bees to outline the beauty that we see everyday and yet so often fail to notice. Bees are important organisms both for local ecosystems and our planet. Due to habitat loss and climate change, bee populations have sadly been in decline. The concept for this multiple-use design is to promote awareness of this unique species and that we should not take nature for granted. We must look after it just as it provides for us. Ikku was very proud to have this piece become one of the finalist pieces at 2019 HKJMA international jewellery design competition.


We would like our customers to be able to feel confident that our brand has sustainable qualities at its core and minimal environmental impact as well as spending money on a beautiful piece of jewellery which will last for generations. All of our materials are ethically sourced and we promise to have 100% plastic and chemical free packaging.


ECO is the new sexy!


This piece is available for purchase as either one, or separate pieces. Lastly, this blog also showcases a series of images of how this beautiful piece can be turned into a pendant and a second pair of earrings, keep scrolling!

The Diapiary - 18k white gold with south sea pearls, white topaz and diamonds - £2,770

The diamond bees earrings - 18k white gold with diamonds - £1,170