Secrets of the Jewellery industry: Revealed

Before starting Ikku, our founder worked in both the retail and wholesale jewellery industry. We were amazed by the prices that brands were selling their pieces for. It is not uncommon for the retail price of a piece be a minimum of 5-10 times the value of the materials. This astounded us and we often see pieces that are not made from precious stones or metals sell for prices that are even higher than these multiples.


The big brands spend a huge amount of money on advertising both online and offline and make a large amount of money on every piece they sell. They are often not ecologically minded producing excessive, non recyclable waste. By being an online retailer we reduce both our ecological impact and costs. This enables us to give you peace of mind for your consciousness and bank account when you buy our products.


Using these insights, we saw an opportunity to create beautiful pieces that are accessible to everyone, we feel that beautiful jewellery should not be the reserve of the 1%. We were able to start a sister company to a well established jeweller. This enables us to cut out the middle man meaning we are able to drastically reduce multiple at which we have to sell our products meaning you get high end, luxury jewellery for prices that are not normally possible.


We have picked out some of our most-loved affordable pieces below:



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