Style with ikku #3 - The Month of Pearl

In our last blog we wrote a brief history and interesting facts about different kinds of pearls.  We will now get back to our favourite topic - Style with ikku.

Unfortunately London’s weather has turned over the last few days but we are hoping the coming week will be better. In the mean time, this week we have picked an all white tailored leather outfit from Nanushka, accessorised with ikku’s Baroque Pins and the Diapary pendant. The pendant is from our Diapiary piece, it can either be worn as earrings as which there are two configurations or as a pendant.

Pearls are often thought of as being classic and old-fashioned, however at ikku we have brought out another aspect the pearl, the contemporary. Instead of perfect round pearls, we have always particularly loved irregularly shaped baroque pearls whether they are South Sea or fresh water. The Baroque pin has three elements, angular trillion cut diamonds, the perfect sphere of the natural pearl and the abstract natured baroque pearl. These features create a perfectly balanced piece to compliment the outfit.

The Diapiary pendant has two elements that perfectly resemble the classic and the contemporary, the baroque pearl and the rose-cut white topaz. The rose cut originated in the 1500’s and was commonly used through the Georgian and Victorian eras. Like other antique diamond cuts, they were cut by hand and meant to dazzle under candlelight. The baroque pearl compliments the topaz by the juxtaposition of the old and new.

To continue accessorising the outfit, we have also picked the 90’s classic, cat eye sunglasses with a green-tinted lens. This modern twist harmonises perfectly with the Baroque Pins. Lastly, we always love to add extra colour to our outfit and as pearls fits seamlessly with any colour this week we have picked orange. The much loved Bottega Veneta’s Quilted leather sandals and Cassette Padded Intrecciato Leather Shoulder Bag is definitely on our must have list.


Thank you for reading!

Until next week, be ikku!

Diapiary Earrings - 18k white gold, south sea pearls, white topaz and diamonds - £2,770

Baroque Pin(short pin) - 18k white gold with diamond and fresh water pearls - £455

Baroque Pin(long pin) - 18k white gold with diamond and fresh water pearls - £520






Blair Ruched Leather Blazer - £339


Yolie Faux Leather Shorts - £193


Bottega Veneta
Cassette Padded Intrecciato Leather Shoulder Bag - £2,090


Quilted leather sandals - £525


Cat-eye sunglasses - £355