Style with ikku #2 - Bank Holiday Special

It is bank holiday Monday and we are lucky enough to have temperatures in excess of 25 degrees London! In this weeks Style with ikku we have created a social distancing picnic look as:

  1. We love picnics
  2. Picnics may be the only social occasion for the next few weeks.

Our social media has been filled with green over the last few weeks and so its a fair question to ask, is green the new pink? Since the out break of the virus, everybody has been spending a lot more time at home and outdoors embracing nature including us, but we feel that pink needs comeback. Many people have picked up new hobbies such as running, painting, gardening, all of which while wearing sweats. The lock down was finally relaxed last week and we are all looking forward to be able to do unlimited exercise. However we may be more excited about the prospect of eating delicious food in the sun while looking fabulous. When out and about you can easily spot many people doing just that, gathering outdoors to picnic in the park and enjoy the lovely weather. When will there be a better chance to dress up again and be seen than now?


We have chosen a peony-pink theme this time, starting with a tulle-trimmed dress with a boned corsetry-inspired bodice and a semi-sheer look to show off your post quarantine body. The benefit of choosing a plain outfit is you can go made with your choice of accessories ;) Starting with a nomad raffia hat which is made with white hand embroiderie on the wide rim and wide white grosgrain ribbon laces through the crown that tie underneath the chin for a charming finishing touch (or incase the typical English weather turns up). Then we have chosen the pale pink and Ecru cotton with toile de jouy embroidery Dior Dway mule. This is an excellent choice of foot wear for a picnic day, comfy, casual yet elegant. Moving on to the handbag which is almost the most important thing to an outfit, we have picked Jacqumus’s most loved seasonal Le Chiquito mini leather top handle bag in printed paint checked pattern. The perfect size for a picnic day, just big enough for our lipsticks, eyeliner and hand sanitiser.


Last but definitely not least, the most important step to complete any outfit is to garnish it with ikku’s jewellery. We have picked our statement pair of 18k white gold Seashell Earring adorned by white diamonds and natural pearls. They are one of our flagship pieces and can be found in our “Seaspired” collection. The pearls are connected by links of gold chains which glisten and dance while you are moving, complimenting your sparkling smile. Continuing the oceanic theme, we have picked out our Valvatida sapphire ring, which wraps around your finger like a star fish’s tentacles would. This beautiful piece has a whopping total weight of 2.80 carats of pink sapphires and brilliant diamonds.

Seashell Earring - 18k white gold, diamonds and natural pearls - £3,665

Valvatida Sapphire Ring - 18k pink gold, pink sapphires and diamonds - £1,600 

For alternative options:

Light pink Sapphire Ear Hook - 18k pink gold and pink sapphire - £130

Pink Sapphire Ear Hook - 18k yellow gold and pink sapphire - £130

Pink Sapphire Seashell Stud Earring - 18k pink gold, pink sapphires, diamonds and pearls - £1,070

Ruby Chain Ring - 18k yellow gold and rubies - £325

Amethyst Chain Ring - 18k yellow gold and amethyst - £275

Pink Sapphire Chain Ring - 18k yellow gold and pink sapphires - £325

Pink Tourmaline Chain Ring - 18k yellow gold and pink tourmaline - £275

Rhodolite Garnet Chain Ring - 18k yellow gold and Rhodolite garnets - £275 




Nomad raffia hat - £ 450

Tulle-trimmed dress - £ 3,300

Pale Pink and Ecru Cotton with Toile de Jouy Embroidery - £540

Le Chiquito mini leather top handle bag - £400