Style with ikku #1 - Month of Green

There are thousands of ways to style with ikku london’s jewellery because it was designed to be suitable for both daily wear and occasional wear. One of the greatest things about 18k gold jewellery is it doesn’t need to be a big piece to make a statement, it sparkles through the dark. Summer is also just around the corner, have you ever worn other metal jewellery and had irritated skin? Have you forgotten to take off your earrings, jumped right into the water and then find that you are left with stains on your skin? If so, 18k gold is definitely something you should consider investing in. 18k gold is the perfect blend between durability and comfort. Because of its high gold content, almost pure, it is very low risk of causing skin irritation.


To continue the Month of Green, we have picked out a few items for alternative options instead of emerald. Our Rainbow collection has over 12 different types of gemstones representing different shades of colours and meanings. We have picked out three colours to match with different shades of green; The peridot chain ring which has olive green stones with a tint of yellow resembling viridescent grass in a hot summer, blue topaz chain ring resembling the coolness of the ocean and blue sapphire chain ring resembling the peacefulness from the deep ocean. They can be stacked together to create a more dramatic effect, or worn individually on different fingers to create a delicate look.


We have picked out a white long sleeved shirt with a gathered front and plunging neckline to show off the shape of your body and especially your collar bones accompanied by our olive green peridot pendant. Matching the top with a dashing pairs of bright green Fiona leather sandals by The Attico with square-toe style and ankle-wrapping straps on high stiletto heels will give sophisticated contemporary look. To accessorize, we love the latest 2020 must have; the deep green BV Jodie Mini leather tote. Living in England, we are well aware the weather changes in a blink of an eye, and so to be prepared we have also picked out a pastel green La Veste Raffaella blazer by Jacquemus and a pair of light green Valentino’s VLOGO acetate sunglasses imbued with a sense of ‘90s flamboyancy to give the final touch.


Stay green, Stay safe.





La Veste Raffaella blazer - £ 602



VLOGO acetate sunglasses - £ 209



Fiona leather sandals - £ 614



Bahia plunging-neckline cotton shirt - £435.00



BV Jodie Mini leather tote - £ 1,280