Style with ikku #6 - This is how we work it

This week in Style with ikku, we are excited to pull together a ‘This is how we work it’ look. I am sure everybody is as excited as us when we hear our beloved gym is reopening. Working outdoors is lovely while we have good weather but after all, we are still in Britain. Also we are missing all the fun equipment the gym has to offer to help us achieve the perfect body shape as well as doing cardio.


To kick off, we have picked out a set of pastel colour tie-dyed stretch leggings and bra from Years Of Ours. It is a striking colour and perfectly on trend. Also they can be easily worn separately with any other pair of leggings or bra of your choice due to their multi colour nature. Then we have picked out a performance white cap from Nike which has laser perforation to optimise breathability on the front and side panels to help you stay cool and moisture-wicking comfort. Next, we have picked out a pair of sleek white trainers from Moncler, another great fact about gym reopening again is we can wear our favorite white trainers while working out and you don't have to worry about them dirty!


Then we move on to the second most important thing to complete to gym outfit, music, who doesn't love a workout playlist? Apple’s airpods have received rave reviews and they have excellent feedback, but we also cannot neglect our other mobile users. Furthermore just as we love to choose from white, rose and yellow gold jewellery, we can also choose from headphones in a variety of colours. We love these stylish pink wireless headphones which come with a 6.5 hour battery life which is perfect if you forget to charge them every night!


We always aim to be fashionable and cannot miss a chance to carry our favorite bag. In London, although a lot of gym facilities have reopened they encourage people to change into gym outfits before arriving, which also means we don't need to carry our usual gym bag. In this case we have picked out Bottega Venta’s Padded Cassette Leather Shoulder Bag in white to match with our cap and trainers.


Lastly, always the most important step before completing a look. To ensure we keep to the rules to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene, wearing rings might not be the best idea during your work out. However, not to worry! We have picked out our ikku’s ear hook which is perfectly safe to wear during any form of exercise and gives you that extra sparkle ;)

Thank you for reading!


Until next week, be ikku!


Square Pink Sapphire Ear Hook - A single 18k yellow gold with square pink sapphire - £100

Square Emerald Ear Hook - A single 18k yellow gold with square emerald - £100

Square Blue Sapphire Ear Hook - A single 18k yellow gold with square blue sapphire - £100



Veronica tie-dyed stretch leggings - £115

Claudia tie-dyed stretch sports bra - £80

Running Cap
Nike AeroBill Tailwind - £22.95

Padded Cassette leather shoulder bag - £ 2,090

Meline leather-trimmed sneakers - £ 350

1MOREStylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones - £79.99