Style with ikku #5 - Weekend beach day

This week in Style with ikku we have pulled together a weekend beach day look. Since lockdown rules have lifted recently in London and we have been longing for a little getaway, although perhaps not so beach body ready. Not to worry, the outfit we have chosen, Camilla’s strikingly printed style multi-hued minidress will undoubtedly make you stand out in the crowd without wearing a bikini. The dress has a defined V-neckline decorated with crystal and will accompany it perfectly with ikku’s Rainbow Drop Necklace.


To accessorise, we have chosen Valentino Garavani's Ibiza Medium Rope tote bag which has a unique pink hue torchon-rope handle and tile print. A perfect size bag to keep all the essentials on a beach day! Moving on, for sun protection we have chosen Chloé’s 60 inspired retro rosie sunglasses which harmonise the pink hue outfit and handbag seamlessly. Then, we have chosen an Ursula hat from millinery experts Maison Michel which features a wide-brim silhouette with raw edges. It's finished with a subtle contrasting tassel trim and the brand's hallmark monogram plaque. For footwear, we have chosen Bow Tie leather sandals from Aquazzura as an option to elevate the look into a fancy beach party, but you can always just slip into your favorite pair of beach sandals as the theme is multi colour it will work perfectly with anything!


Lastly, we always love to wear earrings but a pair of long earrings may get in the way of the fun by tangling with your beach hair. Therefore, we have picked out our ikku’s Rainbow Squared Up Ear Hook which saves you from the hassle of your hair tangling with long earrings. This single 18k gold hook earring is adorned by a number of stunning stones including peridot, pink tourmaline and blue topaz. It is sure to bring life to outfits just as the rainbows which inspired it.


Thank you for reading!

Until next week, be ikku!


Rainbow Drop Necklace - 18k yellow gold with diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones - £940

Squared Up Ear Hook - 18k yellow gold with precious and semi-precious stones - £225




Embellished printed silk minidress - £ 510



Rosie sunglasses - £ 308



Ursula raffia hat - £ 372


Valentino Garavani Ibiza Medium Rope tote - £ 1,460