September is a special month as it is the month of sapphire, which is one of our favourite gemstones of all time. This week we are going to look at some of the extraordinary sapphires pieces in Britain and around the world. We did some digging and found five spectacular gems that you should know about.

  1. George VI Victorian Suite

    Few years ago when Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Sapphire Jubilee, marking sixty-five years of her reign, occurred. The longest-reigning monarch in British history, Queen Elizabeth II is the first British monarch to have a sapphire jubilee. The royal family has released a new portrait of the British monarch wearing a jewellery set consisting of a magnificent necklace and earrings composed of blue sapphires surrounded by diamond, which was given to her by her father King George VI for her wedding in 1947. It has been a long debate whether this is the most famous jewellery piece in the world, but undeniably there are also countless exceptional sapphire pieces out there.

  2. Princess Diana’s Sapphire and Pearl Choker
    In Britain when we mention sapphire, aside from the crown jewel, one of the most well-known pieces would immediately come across our mind would probably be the piece worn by Princess Diana. The brooch which was given by the late Queen Mother and quickly turned into an eye-catching choker featuring seven strands of pearls. Princess Diana has long been known by her unique sense of taste in fashion, even after decades it still looks perfectly fashionable. 

  3. Princess Diana’s Saudi Sapphire and Diamond Suite
    Another beautiful piece worth mentioning must be the Princess Diana’s Saudi Sapphire and Diamond Suite as it is claimed to be the most photographed jewellery piece. Princess Diana received this remarkable suite of sapphire jewellery from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia for her wedding to Prince Charles, and was worn on multiple occasions and diplomatic events.

  4. Blue Belle of Asia – The Most Expensive Blue Sapphire

    The Blue Belle Of Asia earned the title of the most expensive blue sapphire in the world, after selling for $17,305,996 at Christie’s Geneva in November 2014. This 392.52-carat untreated Ceylon sapphire features a cushion-cut stone that draws your gaze into the depths of its captivating blue prism. The stone set a world record for the highest price paid at auction for a sapphire!

  5. The Star of Adam - The Biggest Blue Sapphire
    The Star of Adam is an oval-shaped star sapphire, was only discovered in 2016 and this giant blue star sapphire has blown the previous largest sapphires out of the water. Gemologists in Sri Lanka have certified that the gem weighs 1404.49 carats and is valued up to $300 million. Prior to its discovery, the Black Star of Queensland, weighing 733 carats (146.6 g), was the largest star sapphire gem in the world.

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Until next week, be ikku:)